wedding Packages

Our well-developed teaching techniques efficiently give you everything you need to dance beautifully together. We are providing in person instruction at your home or a private studio. We also invite you to check out this free resource of dance activities to help get you and your partner dancing together and having fun: Lessons are typically one hour each.

During your lessons, we can spend as much or as little time as you like working on:

    • Moves specially tailored to your song
    • Social dance steps in a variety of styles (ballroom, Latin, swing, C&W, Bollywood, R&B, variety)
    • Special moves (dips and tricks)
    • Building on what you already know
    • Leading and following, frame, connection, rhythm, and style

Feel confident and ready to share your dance with all of your friends and family!

You and your fiancé will love every minute of your lessons! 

Special Considerations:

  • Lessons may be located at a private studio or in your home or wedding venue
  • Dances with parents and/or guests of honor may be included in any lesson or package
  • Music editing of your first dance song if desired is included